KaiFromSplash - Summer

Music Video

Client: Splash

A motion capture metaverse music video created in a game engine and starring a digital popstar.

To follow up on Kai’s debut single hit “Breathe Again” we were engaged to create a dance-driven music video featuring a multitude of worlds and digital variations of the titular pop star.

Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Motion Capture, Motion Design, Real-time Cinematics

Developing the story timings
Storyboarded shot vs final shot
Initial mockup
Designed and unlit
Final Bedroom
First pass of all three pixel art locations
Concept art for the space environment
The Splash band




Art Director

Unreal Artist

Motion Capture Engineer

Motion Capture Producer

Motion Capture Venue

3D Band Animation

2D Animation

Dance Choreography and Performance

Dance Studio

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